Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Two Minds Of Meditation

Sometimes it seems like there are two minds while I am meditating. There is the mind that sneaks in and gets me to think about random things. There is also the "larger" mind that observes this "little" mind of distractions. I tend to associate the "larger" mind with the true self, the soul, that part of the self that exists below or beyond the programing of the little mind. I say programing because it is an accumulation of code amassed throughout the lifetime. It seems this code's primary purpose is protection on a macro (i.e., species) level. I've spoken about this in other posts. But also protection on a micro (i.e., individual level). This is how shame develops. The larger mind observes this happening but often falls asleep and the little mind becomes the only mind. When this happens the self becomes absorbed into the little mind. That becomes the only reality.

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