Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Why Should I Feel My Feelings?

No feeling is wrong. Feelings that are not fully felt because they are considered to be wrong or intimidating for some other reason will continue to linger under the surface until they are fully felt and released. For many people, certain feelings are too intimidating to feel. At first, this might be hard to believe but consider that the mind is very subtle when it detects something that might be uncomfortable to deal with directly. A good indicator that a feeling is lingering is the urge to engage in compulsive behavior (drinking alcohol, smoking, gambling, nail biting, skin picking etc.)

If you ever sense a strong urge to engage in this type of behavior:

(1) Try to see if there is some feeling that this urge was designed to distract you from.

(2) Before engaging in that behavior see if you can tell what that feeling is and what it means to you.

(3) If you can do that, see if you can willingly allow yourself to feel it.

If you do not willingly allow yourself to feel it then it will linger and you will continue to repeat the dysfunctional pattern.

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